15 Wonderful Wedding Canopy & Arch Ideas

Exchange your vows under these Inspirational Wedding Canopies & Arches

Take cover and exchange your vows under these inspirational Wedding Canopies and Arches! Whether you’re outsourcing the creation and decoration of your outdoor altar by  a professional, relying on the spoils of nature, or even “doing it yourself”, feast your eyes on 15 of our favourite picks to create a magical wedding arch that you will be sure to want say your “I do’s” under!

1. (Below) First up, photographed by Christine De Coning in this outdoor wedding, we have an unusual and magnificent tree which looks amazing. (Tip for any even grander effect hang streams of white flowers from it’s gorgeous branches, to catch the wind for an airy-fairy effect!) To complete the look, the wedding aisle is lined with flowers as a pathway to the gorgeous wedding altar!

15 Wonderful Wedding Canopy & Arch Ideas

2. (Below) Take a look at this lovely wedding arch with bouquets of lush flowers and strings of pearls and crystals! Dreamy and decadent, this wedding arch is simply a  garland adorned with jewels and an assortment of pretty flowers!

Wedding Canopy Arches Wedding Canopy Arches

Wedding Canopy Arches Wedding Canopy Arches

Image credits:  Photographed by Michael Norwood Photography, styled by Joyful Weddings and Events, as seen on Style Me Pretty

3. (Below left) Use a large garland and attach bouquets of white flowers and strings of  beads to create a beautiful and striking backdrop! Image credits: Frenzel Photographers via the Wedding Window  4. (Below Right) What a pretty creation! A simple wedding arch with colourful flowers that complement green leaves create a striking and fun effect! Orange roses are strung from the roof of the arch. Image credits: Jeanne Mitchum Photography Get a basic rustic canopy on Etsy here  or here.

Wedding Canopy Arches 15 Wonderful Wedding Canopy & Arch Ideas

5.  (Below) Find the perfect tree for your wedding arch and that’s all you will need! With a tree this perfect, we are led to believe that it must be the tree of life and love! Large enough to cover you and your wedding guests and allowing for light to stream through it’s branches, this beautiful tree is one of a kind. One of nature’s stunning creations!

Wedding Canopy Arches
Image: Photographed by Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoes

6. (Below) Make the most of nature, by seating your guests under a beautiful tree like this one, with several large white lanterns hung from it’s branches.

Wedding Canopy Arches
Image credits: Gavin Casey Photography 

 7. (Below) A plain wedding arch with colour paper tissue pom poms hanging lightly as decorations is an easy way to set up a backdrop to your wedding ceremony, by Janine Collette Photography via ConfettiDaydreams.com.

15 Wonderful Wedding Canopy & Arch Ideas

8. (Below) A stunning wedding arch with a combination of flowers, leaves and white drapes from the fabulous Style Me Pretty. Photographed by RIS Photography. Florals by Earth Blossom

Wedding Canopy Arches

9. (Below)  As seen on Style Me pretty this flower-ful wedding arch with jewels and strips of dried twigs creates a lovely effect. Photographed by Emily Faulknor Photographers

Wedding Canopy Arches

 10. (Below)  These plain wooden beams are dressed up with bouquets of luscious flowers to create a floral effect. Beautiful! {IRIS Photography via Style Me Pretty}

Wedding Canopy Arches

 11. (Below) Matching your bridal bouquet, create a  small wedding arch with strings of the brightest flowers in your bouquet to create a feminine and romantic effect. 

Wedding Canopy Arches
Image credits: Kim Box Photography via Southern Weddings Magazine

DIY Wedding Canopies & Arches

Here we have gathered a selection of DIY Wedding Canopies and Arches to inspire you to put together your own gorgeous creation!

12. (Below) Take a look at what these birch tree branches can do for your wedding arch creation! Find the right arch, add pretty flowers or hang a few lines of bunting and cute fabric tassles that will catch the outdoor breeze and voila! A rustic feel is created and this look is perfectly suited to the forest surroundings. Magical!

Wedding arch
 Image Credits: Styled by Talia Events, photographed by Christina Kiffney, seen on Lover.ly via Love Toast Blog

13. (Below) This DIY wedding arch could be built in your backyard! Photographed by Chantel Marie Photography via Style Me Pretty, position lengthy tree branches and intertwine strings of leaves and flowers along the top wooden beam. Several strings of flowers can be hung from the top beam to reach the ground, creating a beautiful backdrop to your wedding ceremony. The look is completed with scattered flowers and leaves to enhance the wedding aisle.

wedding arches

14. (Below) Here Ruffled Blog shows how putting together a few pieces of wood and bringing your indoor chandelier – outdoors, can create a unique backdrop for your wedding ceremony! Simply extend a power source to the wedding arch and  exchange your nuptials under a lit chandelier. Perfect for a late afternoon or evening wedding ceremony! {Image by Christie Pham Photography.}

Wedding Canopy Arches

15. (Below) Create a work of art like this plain wooden altar decorated with colourful pinwheels, lanterns, cut-out decorations, pinwheels, and some more pinwheels.  Have fun and make a day out of it by enlisting the help of your bridal party to pull this playful creation together.

Wedding Canopy Arches
Image credits: Adrienne Gunde Photography via Intimate Weddings via The Wedding Chicks 

With our collection of lovely wedding canopies and arches, we hope that you have gathered a little inspiration to create the ideal backdrop to your wedding ceremony! Take a look at a recap of a few of our favourites! To ensure your wedding theme shines throughout your wedding day, take a look at our fave Cascade and Long Bridal Bouquets for some inspiration of how to include complimentary florals.

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    Brides to be, please realize when you try to DIY these with silk flowers and other plastic materials, they do not look as dramatic or elegant as shown. They look cheap.