DIY Paper Origami Lily Vintage Wedding Corsages & Boutonnières


DIY Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Corsages & BouttonierresCorsages are traditionally worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony; whereas boutonnières or buttonholes are a floral decoration worn by the groom and his groomsmen.


To add to the DIY Wedding Bouquet {Paper Flower Tutorial} that our Real Bride, Lucy Cobern, created; here we share her Vintage-inspired Origami Lily Corsages and Boutonnières handmade for her very own wedding day.

Be inspired by the following DIY step-by-step tutorial of how she transformed regular paper, wire and some ribbon and lace into a memorable wedding keepsake that blew everyone away!

 Image credits: (Above) Jilda G

You will need:

  • Origami paper
  • Pair of scissors to cut your paper to size
  • Instructions on how to create an Origami Lily Flower, such as these shared here for an Origami 4 petal Lily used for the boutonnières or here for an Origami 6 petal Lily used for the corsages.
  • Pen or pencil to curls your petals

3 DIY Steps to creating Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Corsages & Boutonnières

(1) First, decide on the color you want your Lilies to be:

  • For the boutonnières - Lucy created a 4 petal lily, which the groom and his groomsmen wore on their jackets. She tells us the groom had an ivory-colored Lily to match her ivory colored Ranunculus flower. The best man and fathers of the bride and groom each wore a dark grey Lily boutonnière, to match Lucy’s bridesmaids dark grey Ranunculus bouquet.
DIY Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Bouttonierre
Image credits: Lucy Cobern
  • For the corsages - Lucy created the corsages in the color of their mother’s outfits.
DIY Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Corsages
Image credits: Lucy Cobern

(2) Create the Origami Lily:

  • For the boutonnières, create an Origami 4 petal Lily  - Once Lucy had created her origami Lilies, she wound a piece of old phone book paper around a piece of wire and stuck it in the centre of each Lily to act as a stamen and to have a stem to attach to.
DIY Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Bouttonierres
Image credits: Lucy Cobern

For origami-making novices, it may be best to first carefully practice creating a Lily using regular paper. Origami Instructions shares their step-by-step tutorial, a few steps which are provided below. For full instructions on how to fold this Origami Lily, visit Origami Instructions.

DIY Origami 4 Petal Lily Boutonnierre

  • For the corsages, create an Origami 6 petal Lily - For the corsages, Lucy created a  special 6 leaf Origami Lily, which she made by combining  2 three leaf Origami Lily designs together.
DIY Vintage Origami Lily Wedding Corsages
Image credits: Lucy Cobern

(3) Add a flower stem to your paper Lily –  Lucy had her bridesmaid add a piece of indigenous Fynbos to the Lilies, the stems of which she then wrapped together using a piece of ribbon.

Yay! And as easy as 1-2-3, you can create your very own wedding corsages & butonnières, which your parents and bridal party will love! To see the overall effect, take a look at our feature on Lucy as our {Real Bride} A Handmade Vintage Romance Wedding Theme.


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