Teal, Turquoise & Gold Wedding Theme

Teal Turquoise Gold Wedding Theme Inspiration


Teal, Turquoise & Gold

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With the cool and calm shades of turquoise and teal and the glitter and glamor of gold, these colors combined make for a striking and grand wedding theme.

Read further and be inspired by our collection of marvelous Teal, Turquoise and Gold wedding and bridal goodies!

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Wedding Decor & Stationary

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Wedding Decor & Stationary

From Left to Right:  (1st row) Aqua/ Turquoise/ Teal-striped Paper Straws from Dondalees; Turquoise & Tan Wedding Invitation from Sofia Invitations; “Mr and Mrs” Wedding Champagne Glasses from Wedding Window ; and Copper & Turquoise hand-painted Champagne Wedding Toasting Flutes created by Nevena Art Glass. (2nd row) “Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table” art print Wedding Décor from Exlibris Paper Designs; and Turquoise & Gold wedding tablescape as seen on Revel.  (3rd row) Turquoise Vintage Teacup and Saucer by Paragon via Swirling Orange 11; Gold, Cream and Teal Blue Personalized Wedding Party Banner from Custom Paper Memories; Turquoise Wooden Hearts from Duanes Workshop; and Champagne-inspired Balloons as seen on Martha Stewart Weddings. (4th row) Turquoise & Teal Vintage Wedding Decor Book Collection from Huckster Haven; Wedding Invitation with foil stamping by Elizabeth Anne Designs;  and Gold Metallic Paper Card Wedding Hearts from 3 Little Finches.

There are endless ideas of how to infuse your wedding décor and stationary with a taste of turquoise, teal and gold. For your wedding invitations, try a mix of a modern and vintage wedding invitation such as this one from Sofia Invitations, which is perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding or enliven your wedding invitation with a touch of glam by following Elizabeth Anne Designs’ DIY foil-stamped invitation!

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From Dondalees, straws placed in blue ball jars are shown as a perfect way to add small whimsical touches of turquoise to your wedding celebrations. Get your guests giggling with  really cute “Mr and Mrs” wedding champagne glasses such as these from Wedding Window or be a little fancy and ensure that you have a pair of romantic hand-painted copper and turquoise champagne wedding toasting flutes like these ones that are created by Nevena Art Glass.

Your wedding table décor can also be styled with a perfect mix of turquoise and gold, as seen here by Revel. Dress your wedding tablescape up with a light blue chevron runner paired with turquoise china, gold-tipped crystal glassware and vintage gold flatware, all taken from Design within Reach. If you’re keen to go all vintage, then opt for this beautiful turquoise vintage bone china teacup and saucer set by Paragon via Swirling Orange 11 or use this delightful vintage turquoise and teal book collection from Huckster Haven, which both screams vintage-styled wedding reception!

To decorate your wedding venue, add pieces of décor such as this humorous “Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table” party quote art print from Exlibris Paper Designs. From Custom Paper Memories, this handmade and custom-created wedding banner with designer ribbon and gold, cream and teal-colored tulle will also add stylish hint of this color combination to your wedding decor.

A rustic-themed wedding, in particular, will love these darling shabby-chic turquoise wooden hearts from Duanes Workshop or these cute gold metallic paper card hearts from 3 Little Finches, which can easily be used as hanging décor or as labels or tags.

And just for fun, as seen on Martha Stewart Weddings, why not inflate countless champagne-inspired balloons to fill the foyer of your wedding reception! Incorporating this idea will present a wonderful backdrop for some of your wedding photos! Of course, one can also consider other amazing ideas for your wedding photos, by taking a peek at our 22 Wedding Photo Ideas & Poses {Bridal Must Do!} for some fresh photo inspiration.

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Bridal Looks & Bouquets

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Bridal Looks & Bouquets

From Left to Right:  (Top) Turquoise Birdcage Veil paired with Golden Silk Flower from Le Chic Studio; Old Gold & Teal Wedding Gown from designer Zuhair Murad’s Spring/Summer 2007 Haute Couture Collection as seen on Persephone’s Box; Vintage Brooch Keepsake Bouquet with Aqua Blue & Clear Gold Rhinestones from Zoe Grace Blooms; and Gold Heels as seen on Celebration. (Middle) Vintage 50s Beaded Tulle Ball Gown from Couture Allure Vintage Fashion; Gold & Aqua Blue Earrings from Green Peridot; Gold Sequinned Bridesmaid Dress from My Cocktail Dresses; and Turquoise & Gold Wedding Dress from designer, Stella de Libero, via I Heart Wedding Dress. (Bottom) Wreath of Gold Teal Bridal/ Ballet Flats from Beholden Bridal; and Antique 18 Carat Gold & Turquoise Hair Ornament from Eloge de l’Art.

Taking a look at the different options for your wedding attire, the sparkle of the gold and the intensity of the teal and turquoise should leave you breathless! From designer Zuhair Murad‘s Spring/Summer 2007 Haute Couture Collection, this old gold and teal wedding gown is beautifully detailed or consider this dramatic and voluminous turquoise and gold wedding dress created by amazing designer, Stella de Libero, as seen on I Heart Wedding Dress.

For the true vintage girl-at-heart, this original vintage 50’s Ball Gown with beaded tulle from Couture Allure Vintage Fashion is the dress that all vintage lover’s dream of. To compliment your look, let your bridesmaids shine with a gold sequin dress such as this fun ensemble from My Cocktail Dresses.

Different to the original flower bouquet, have a bridal bouquet custom-made for you and to match your wedding theme. Inspired by the well-known Tiffany blue color, this vintage brooch bouquet with aqua blue and clear gold rhinestones from Zoe Grace Blooms will sparkle throughout the occasion and best of all, it will remain as a keepsake of your wedding day. However, if you prefer the real thing, then our bouquet ideas from our Succulent Wedding Theme: Bouquets, Decor and Favors Ideas may be just right for you!

There are no rules when it comes to the choice of your wedding shoes. As seen on Celebration, these glitzy gold heels or a pair of these gold and teal Venetian lace-embroidered ballet pumps from Beholden Bridal will each look amazing when worn with the right wedding dress.

One can also wear these colors as part of your jewelery, such as this pair of aqua blue and matte gold earrings from Green Peridot. Even more striking, is this classy yet dazzling antique one-of-a-kind gold and turquoise hair flower ornament from Eloge de l’Art. If you prefer to wear a veil, then a unique idea would be to wear something similar to this lovely turquoise birdcage veil paired with golden silk flower from Le Chic Studio.

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Wedding Cakes & Treats

Teal, Turquoise & Gold Wedding Cakes & TreatsFrom Left to Right: (Top) Wedding Bells Wedding Cake created by Lovin Sullivan Cakes via Martha Stewart Weddings (Cake No. 26 of 50); and Turquoise and Gold Wedding Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings (Cake No. 37 of 50). (Bottom) Turquoise Sweet Table taken from The Knot; French-style Gold and Turquoise Macaroons from Sabrina Ko; Turquoise Cake Pops as seen on Bridal Intoxication; and Blue Candy Apples as seen on Cutest Food, courtesy of Jojo Douglas.

Ever wondered – “What does blue taste like?”… Well, we’re sure that these yummy turquoise and teal shades of blue, taste just as good as they look! From Martha Stewart Weddings, both of these stunning wedding cakes features the crisp color white, in addition to the teal, turquoise and gold color combination. These colors can also be extended to other wedding treats such as this heavily laden turquoise sweet table, taken from the The Knot. One can also fill your dessert table with yummy candy apples as seen on Cutest Food or these stylish turquoise cake pops found on Bridal Intoxication. We also just love these classic French-style gold and turquoise macaroons from Sabrina Ko, who shares her step-by-step recipe and technique for you to achieve the same results. Yay!

What’s not to love about this blue-tiful color combination for your wedding theme? We hope you’ve been inspired to add these colors to your wedding day. For a little warmer wedding theme inspiration, take a look at our Pink, Purple & Orange Wedding Theme! And to ensure that you are kept inspired, you can happily pin our collection of ideas from our Teal, Turquoise and Gold Wedding Theme board on Pinterest.

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Teal Turquoise Gold Wedding Theme Inspiration

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